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Originally Posted by Dylan7620
i too would like to know what a 707DC is
in many intervews Dino mention that when EMG was working with him on the 707 design they made a limited run of those pickups (first year production of this model or even something like pre factory). Then they decided to change something I don't remember what was that all about, less highs or something and today it is a normal 707.

I know that some time ago 707DC were for sale on some websites. and theye are actives too (bostjan so please mark it in right place)

EDIT: I found only this one on the web. I remember that there were some reviews on HC but that was like 3 years ago and now I don't see them. Could someone aske some people How 707DC sound comparing to normal 707 and is it custom and can we still buy it??

"IBANEZ: What about your guitars?
DINO: I’m using custom made Ibanez 7-string RG’s, with EMG 707-DC model pickups, but I also like the regular EMG 707 pickups. I just have a chorus pedal for effect when I do the clean tones. I’m a pretty straightforward, ripping kind of guy (laughs)."
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