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Patrick, congratulation! Nice work and impressive awesome sustain.

Originally Posted by ......... View Post

Its a tough mission you know, I bet you that somebody will write in an other thread that mahogany sounds warm and muddy
Surprised to hear that that often from you. I've done about 25 guitars of mahogany, african and mostly honduran and I DO say mahogany sounds warm, very warm and deep and sweet and bright. It first depends on thickness. Your guitars are pretty thin and that's why they sound so bright and focused and flat in some cases but still great for those aims. Make it 45mm or more and you'll get that fat warm deep sound. "Muddy" is about bad mahogany on not very good guitars.

Don't take it personally. It's my opinion and it's just the oposite to yours in this particular case.

And congratulations once again!
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