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Originally Posted by Felsstein View Post
Man, that sound seriously kills!

At the moment I`m unable to get rid of the smile in my face..

Its exactly how I wanted to have it! Need to feel the neck and playability but I think it wont be anything less than perfect!

Really nice!
I forgot to mention to everybody that Alex did send me an e-mail with the description of the sound he wanted from the pickups...

I then forwarded the mail to Kent and he then built the pickups according to that mail, sothe pickups are truly unique for Alex...

Glad you enjoy man, like I said, its your first 7 string so you will have to get used to the extra string and the scale but after a little bit it will become second nature really

Originally Posted by MF_Kitten View Post
you always say that

i think we´ve all realized how sapele sounds now, with your videos
Its a tough mission you know, I bet you that somebody will write in an other thread that mahogany sounds warm and muddy

BTW sipo sounds very bright also.....
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