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Originally Posted by maat View Post
I have no issue with Nick or whatever his name is...I have an issue with his dismissive statements. Still, it's not unlikely to have multiple people assume that- because I disagree with his statement that I'm attacking "his" thread.

How helpful he is to you, or any of his other loyal customers is not my concern. I'll voice my feelings on the matter agreeable or disagreeable.
You didn't state an opinion on the V30.

Save your breath, Andii...the guy's a salesman.

"Yeah I have no idea about the Eminence Wizard but I doubt its the same."

^He makes statements like this...
You stated your opinion on Nick, which was baseless and in poor taste. And judging by your previous rep, you do have a problem with Nick because like I said, this isn't the first time you've graced his threads with your BS.
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