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Originally Posted by AvantGuardian View Post
I had one for a couple of days. If you order one, make sure they ship it in the hard case! See my NGD thread for the details:

NGD, point Agile content (56k, probably not)

That being said, it was a pretty cool guitar, and my sending it back for a refund was pretty much a knee jerk reaction to being upset about the packing job. I'm actually considering buying another sometime, assuming they have the cases in stock.

ahh that sucks man! that was a really sweet looking guitar! i wanted to get one of those white ones and white out all the plastic but EMG apparently doesnt do white 7 string pickups yet. i could always get a black one and black out all the hardware. or wait for the custom shop to open again and get a black satin one without the pickguard.
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