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Originally Posted by psychoticsnoman View Post
If I remember correctly there is a little more to the story behind why it was taking so long for the basses to be completed, but I'll leave that up to you guys.
Yes there is- nobody is hiding anything.

From April of 2007 to ~March/April of 2008, he was waiting for the pickups from Nordstrand, as we had switched from Villex (who never delivered, so the switch made sense) to Nordstrand. However it was confirmed to me by Nordstrand that the bass pickups were not ordered until October of 2007, not April 2007. The order placed in April was only guitar pickups. But then the wait from October to March/April of 2008 was valid as that was down to Nordstrand, so no fault to Mike there. Once the pickups arrived, Mike made the two shells quickly, and the instruments were again in final sanding awaiting finish (his words, throughout the process).

First payment for the first bass was November 2006, final payment for the second bass was February 2007, iirc. It might've been March- I'd have the check the records.

However, since then there is no reason why they haven't been in the finishing booth since March/April 2008 to my knowledge. I was told they were there repeatedly. But that's beside the point...sort of.
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