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Originally Posted by freepower View Post
Er, meet me, foo. I'm busy for the next week and a bit but then we can meet and sort lots of .... out all at once.

And by the way, you're paying them enough, ask them for a sheet or two of recommended voicings.

I'd recommend coming up with triad and 7th voicings for a root on any string (obviously some shapes will repeat) and then the extensions should fit in fairly logically. Remember you DON'T HAVE TO PLAY EVERY NOTE OF THE CHORD! Omitting a 5th or 3rd can make life lots easier - and you can superimpose triads instead of playing 13ths and such.
we will most definately have a jam/chord/jazz day soon Danny, Id say i wont get a gerip with my schedule till the end of next week so , itll either be next weekend or one of the thursday-sunday's after that
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