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Question Need for Speed: Shift

The latest in the NFS series is coming real soon, but I wondered if anyone knew whether customisation and modification is still on the boards for the NFS fans?

Ive been a religious fan of the series since NFS:Hot Pursuit 2, but recently their games, with the exeption of Carbon, have been gash. Shift claims to be the best since Underground 2, except with a slightly different flavour. Apparently a bigger emphasis has been placed on legality and realistic on-track racing, making it more competitive to games like the coming soon Forza 3 and GT5, or the recent PS3 hit Racing Driver:Grid. My concern is that what made me fall in love with NFS, luxury cars and ridiculous modifactions, is gone, and that we'll be left with a second rate GT5 to fill the gap until the real thing is released.

Anyone know more about the game, or have the same worry as I do?

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