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NFCD - Mesa content, woot

So, been a while since i had a NGD, but after being snubbed by a couple guys for their used cabs for various stupid reasons that they gave me (i prefer my friend got it instead/i don't wanna sell it anymore)

Well it's their right i guess, but Scotty needs a new cab for his Mesa DR

After trying out the second guys Stiletto 4x12, i was quite surprised at how good it sounds, still has that dark character to it, and the characteristic Mesa low end, but it seamed less boomy and more tight, definitely sounded better than a standard Recto 4x12 did to me.

But sad news is lads, there won't be any pics of it till later tonight, and YES I KNOW there will be "this thread is worthless without pics" banners going everywhere, but i was excited cus i JUST bought it from L&M an hour ago, and i am excited as .... to be playing this thing with my new band, and take it on the road with me when i head to Halifax for a week starting Saturday, WOOT.

Till then lads, Keep It Brutal


and my sexy new Pontiac G5, great fit for tall bastards like myself

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