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Originally Posted by sepherus View Post
Wow. All the more reason that i used to commute (will when i decide to go back too.) Its hard enough living in a flat with a housemate and upstairs neighbors. I wouldn't be able to survive with so many people all near by with paper thin walls.

Also, doesn't the E530 have a 1.5 watt poweramp in it? That should be more than plenty loud for dorm, or house needs.
Yep, I believe the poweramp is .5 watts but it sounds great at all volumes (its and engl!). The tone through that little .5 watt ss poweramp is perfectly good for practicing and making rough recordings. I like the e530 unit alot and don't think I'll ever part with it. Its maybe not the best first choice for a dedicated preamp but it has certain unique features that make it worthwhile.
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