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Originally Posted by Andrew_B View Post
that cavity rout is bloody aweful hahahaha
Originally Posted by orb451 View Post
Although that's one helluva swimming pool they did with the pickup routing.
Originally Posted by Apophis View Post
that hole under the pickguard is HUGE

Yeah, don't tell me about it! aahhaa
When I removed the pickguard I was like
Not to mention the two screws coming out of the wood, and the excessive amounts of leftover lacquer or something. Good news is that there is DEFINITELY no routing to be done for the humbuckers, except for a new pickguard

Originally Posted by Andrew_B View Post
lol do you really want to know what the screw and unidentified object is for?

i believe they are actually meant to be holding the switch mechanism in place
Holy crap! I think I saw it But all the electronics are going away anyways. I'm keeping the pups though... Spare parts are never enough!

Originally Posted by Andrew_B View Post
as for jacaranda, if im not mistaken jacaranda is actually an australian native plant.....
Nah, it's antive to the south america too.. We got ....loads of them

But hey, nice idea on the neck heel cutaway too... I will keep something along those lines in my mind...

I'm definitely sanding that finish off, although it was nicely done... Too many dings and scratches on the wood...

Keep 'em coming guys!

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