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Something i think a lot of guitarists tend to forget

Metal guitarists especially. Even the older and more experienced ones. I think a lot of people get so caught up in always trying to learn new songs, bust out new songs as fast as possible, trying to play that lick a little bit faster or cleaner, trying to get that sweep pattern down, trying to write songs to sound like other bands or players, etc that they forget that playing guitar and being a musician is an art form. Its about EXPRESSING YOURSELF. Ahem just in case you didn't hear that...its about EXPRESSING YOURSELF. I see a lot of very skilled guitarists that, in my eyes, blow ass because of lack of self expression. Even some of the players at the virtuoso level. Sure they might be incredible technically and know any concept of music theory like the back of their hand but this is an art not math or science. Many try so hard to be like others and emulate other players that they forget about themselves. Just something thats been on my mind today...
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