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Guitar student of mine wants to learn some Dream Theater... suggestions?

I have a student who has taken lessons from me for a while. he's a pretty solid player! he could use a little more attention to accuracy and precision, but he's got a solid repertoire of techniques going.

anyway, he told me he'd like to learn some Dream Theater to boost his chops. i'm not a huge DT fan (anymore, i used to LOVE them), but i dig Petrucci's playing. plus, as a teacher, i would MUCH rather work on this stuff than some Job for a Cowboy bull.... hahaha

i think he could play most all the riffs, but probably not any of his REALLY intense solos. the more chill melodic ones, i'm sure he could do, but no Glass Prison arpeggios or anything like that.

so far i was thinking of Pull Me Under, Home, and maybe Overture 1812 (or whatever.... 1st instrumental on SFaM). any other ideas?

oh, and p.s., he plays a 6 string, although he plans on making the right choice and buying a 7 this summer!
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