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Originally Posted by Dusty201087 View Post
I think that's what I'm saying. Sorry, my stupidity level in my recent posts may be because I haven't slept for a long time . I'm trying to say if I'm tuned B/E/A/D/G/B, I'd like a wound D string. Would that be kind of "standard" if I bought .012 strings?
Yes dude. For example:

Elixir 12s: 12-16-24w-32-42-52
Dunlop 12s: 12-16-24w-32-42-54

Some brands like Dean Markley and Ernie Ball give you plain steel 3rd strings, but I forget. Worst comes to worst you can always make it simple and just buy a set of anyone's regular 9s and buy the low B string separately. That's what I do anyways when I put together the Dunlop 7-string sets on my site since they don't have official 7 sets.

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