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Originally Posted by zimbloth View Post
Well you'd obviously use 9-42 for the top 6 strings since you've already confirmed you dig that. For the 7th, I'd recommend somehing in the 52-56 range.

Personally, I use a .052 for B tuning or occasionally .054 if it's a string with a smaller core. I find lighter strings have better tone and are more aggressive sounding. Definitely tighter and clearer. The heaviest I'd ever use would be a .060 (which is what I use when I tune down a step). As you increase string gauge, the tone becomes more mellow/round.

However, if you want to know what matches up tension wise to the 9's you already use, that would be a 56.
Originally Posted by MTech View Post
Use search there's like 10,000 string tension threads and a mod even posted one today stating the best string tension calculator to end all of the repeat posts like this.
7's come stock with a 52-54 for the B but most big bands playing in B seem to use 11-60 or right around that. The heaviest I have seen is Despised Icon using 13-68's on 24 3/4 & 25.5 scale.
I was kind of wondering what string gauges would be best on a six string, hence why thing was in the standard guitar section And I tried the string tension calculator, but it and I have some basic disagreements (I can't figure the damn thing out )

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