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Originally Posted by Thin_Ice_77 View Post
I think everyone who has a case of sour grapes about this kind of stuff needs to remember that the whole reason they started playng guitar and playing with other people was because it's fun. If you worry that much, it stops being fun, so what's the point in doing it?
Sure, I mean we wouldn't be driving long distances to play empty clubs for no pay if it wasn't fun. And with all the money I've spent on gear, it'll take years of work for me to actually gain any money from playing. But the post in general is directed to people who really want to play professionally, or "make it" so to speak. And if that's what you want, a certain amount of worrying is probably gonna be necessary. But you're absolutely right, it should never overtake the fun part.

@GigantoRobotico: You have a point, but none of these girls are what I'd call attractive. Except for the guitarist actually (I might have the same symptom as you ) but at the risk of me sounding chauvinistic, she turned out to be rubbish in bed and is now as unattractive to me as the others... *shrug*
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