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If you're thinking about trading the UV for a Carvin 7 with a Floyd, I would say don't bother. The Carvin uses a crappy licensed Floyd that isn't nearly as good as the Ibanez LoPro bridge (or the current Edge Pro version), and you can't retrofit an Original Floyd Rose-7 on the Carvin without routing it, since it's very tightly routed for the "footprint" of the licensed Floyd, which is different than the OFR. You'd also want to swap the pickups, and you do have to rout the Carvin if you want DiMarzios. Duncans can fit just barely if you cut off some of the excess tape on the side of the pickup that often bunches up on one side.

I have a Carvin DC747 that I really like, but mine has a fixed bridge, and I'd undoubtedly rather have a UV if I used Floyds anymore.

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