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i hate you all
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Originally Posted by 7StringofAblicK View Post
I've had one carvin for about 5 years now, and having been through COUNTLESS other guitars -and keeping the Carvin this whole time- I figured it was time to belly up and order another

So, without further ado, I give to you my new baby! She is a Dragonburst finish with teal instead of green in the center, and also has blackburst edges. graphtech saddles, black hardware, active eq, alder body w/quilt maple top (deep triple step finish) and maple neck with tung-oiled back. The headstock is matched to the body, and the frets are med/jumbo stainless steel on an ebony board. I think that's all...haha. Lots of big pics, so sorry if it takes forever to load I took lots to capture different lighting, so there are a few that are so-so, and others that turned out better. My mouth is ferociously bleeding still from my 11am wisdom teeth removal, so I think I did okay for the circumstances Enjoy!!

I'd hit it lol I love the fact you got a snap of the UPS guy pullin up hahaha...
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