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Originally Posted by JJ Rodriguez View Post
If you're big into expression pedal use, the FCB1010 probably won't cut it for you. The pedals are flimsy and cheap feeling. Snag a Ground Control Pro, and grab one of these: Custom Expression Pedal With Switch For Fractal Axe-FX - eBay (item 140318937530 end time Jul-04-09 16:02:34 PDT)

It has a toe switch like a conventional wah so you can turn wah on by pressing down on the toe. You can specify options like a polarity reversal switch on it so you can swap polarity in case the floor board you're using is reversed for the expression pedal, and you can specify either both jacks on the left or one jack on either side. I chose both on the left for neater wiring. That's the setup I'm currently using for my Axe and it works great. Just let him know what controller you're using and he'll wire the switch up correctly. I had to solder an extra wire in because I was the first dude to get one to use with a GCP and it required the switch wired a little differently, but he's aware of the issue so he should be able to wire it correctly for you. You can also specify the finish, crackle black is a flat looking finish, or the glossy black. I think he might even have coloured options added since I ordered.

is the GCP easy to set up program?
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