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Lets see, Jackson Kelly KE-2, Jackson RR1 (US), Jackson KV-1, Ibanez Prestige RGA 121, Ibanez Prestige RGT220, Ibanez S540Ltd, Ibanez S520EX, Ibanez RGT42, PRS Custom 24, PRS CE24, PRS SAS, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson Voodoo V, ESP Horizon Custom, ESP Eclipse Custom, LTD F-1000, LTD H-1000, and thats about all i can remember now!! Haaa WOW i spent a ....load of money over the years... After I got my Musicman I sold the majority of these guitars, and a few got stolen. Basically i narrowed it down to the JP6 and the Ibanez Prestige RGA121(BADASS, my 2nd fav out of all these guitars), but when i got into 7 string, and now 8's, i found my true calling If you have any questions at all lemme know. Im a pickyass dude when it comes to guitars, I manage a guitar store, and i have loads of experience with several brands I will say this: ESP is a BADASS company, their guitars are very nice. But even though the JP6 is bolt neck, something about it screams EXPENSIVE guitar.. Their craftsmanship is 2nd to none.
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