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Originally Posted by silentrage View Post
You do realize that when your own country is running secret prisons where anyone, including US citizen can be declared an enemy combatant by the president and detained without trial, then have car batteries hooked up to their nipples while getting ....ed in the ahole on top of an ass pyramid, then you give up your right to ever talk down to cuba, china, iran or anyone else for that matter about their human rights issues, and that you cease to be the shining beacon of democracy and freedom that some still think you are, right?

And you gave it up for what? Nothing.
Torture doesn't work, the Japanese tortured US soldiers during WWII, their country still got NUKED. Tthen you held war crime tribunals to prosecute them because it's unethical, inhumane and violates the geneva convention. Now you're torturing "Terrorists" because some Dick says it protects you from attacks. If that ain't irony...

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