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A guitar i built back at school.

this is the guitar i built for A level design and technology, i'm thinking now though its time for a change in the headstock, just taking the finish back and adding bits on the sides to create a different shape.
does anyone think that this is a bad idea or any siggestions as i'm not quite sure what may work with the amount of material i've got to work with.......[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Sholto/Documents/Old%20Shizzle/load%201/My%20Pictures/DSC04045.JPG[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/Users/Sholto/Documents/Old%20Shizzle/load%201/My%20Pictures/DSC04042.JPG[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/Users/Sholto/Documents/Old%20Shizzle/load%201/My%20Pictures/DSC03986.JPG[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/Users/Sholto/Documents/Old%20Shizzle/load%201/My%20Pictures/DSC03985.JPG[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/Users/Sholto/Documents/Old%20Shizzle/load%201/My%20Pictures/DSC03984.JPG[/IMG]
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