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Originally Posted by Unknown Doodl3.2 View Post
Have you ever played a Mark series amp? They are some of the most mid heavy guitar amps ever made.
Yes I have played a Mark IV. A good friend has one and I definitely didn't have the 750k slider buried into the abyss. I wouldn't call them the 'most' mid heavy either. The mids can get wierd on that amp and you can dial in some strange for sure. There's a couple amps I've played that have impressed me more with punch in the mids than the Mark series, but this is really an arbitrary argument as everyone listens to different things when the play gear.That being said they are very nice punchy amps and I love them, I would just like to see some clips of a Mark IV owner that actually has some common sense about high-gain tones.

But I guess if Yngwie Malmsteems Rising Force is your idea of ultimate tone, than keep diving that 750k slider into nothing.

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