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I've had my Hellraiser for some time now. I'm a bit down on it at this point, but mostly because of my personal tastes; it's only 26.5" scale, and I don't really like set necks.

I think the headstock could use to be a bit thicker, and I'm not sure why every guitar ever absolutely has to have a rosewood fingerboard. The neck is absolutely on the thick side.

With that aside, it is all mahogany which I think is cool, and if you like EMGs you're good to go. I've never had any problems with fret access. If you don't mind a TOM bridge that can be a bit finicky to get right (as they all are as I understand it) you should have no problems, it's stable and I also like string-through.

Ultimately I would recommend you check out the neck profile. A lot of people complain about the thickness of the neck, and at this point I think I'm one of them. Personally I don't know what the best 7 string on the market is at this point, and for my own tastes I'm pretty sure I have to get a guitar custom made (unless Agile or someone else for that matter makes a line of neck-through 30" 7 or 8 string guitars...).
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