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yeah, i can't say that i've got a terribly deep knowledge of subgenres of hip hop, or underground artists, but i can say that i generally find anything the Outkast guys do to be pretty awesome, and that The Roots are easily in the top 5 live acts i've ever seen (the only ones i can say topped them for sure are Tool and Roger Waters), and that's without a light show or anything else of the sort, just the musicianship and energy and entertainment going on in their performance was amazing, they also played for like 3 hours, which puts EVERY rock/metal band i've ever seen to pathetic shame, granted they had like 9 guys up there and some of them rotated out at some points, but they also only charged like $25 a ticket for that 3 hour opposed to any rock/metal band that would have sold an equal number of tickets, and would have charged $40 a ticket for only playing an 80 minute set, and sold shirts for $25 a pop

long story short, i have a huge amount of respect for The Roots and their music, and if anyone more thoroughly informed of hip hop wishes to point me at similar artists, that would be super
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