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Originally Posted by Deadfall View Post
Man thanks much for this post.All tree great players no doubt but I had my mind made up about Frank after a clinic I went to like umpteen years ago.He is a monster and I'll wager he's the only man on the planet that has Holdsworth getting out of bed every day wondering about his crown!And Frank has a headstock! lol
Heh, Allan is on a different sort of level to Frank in many people's opinions but I absolutely respect the heck out of both of them.

Anecdote time - when I was at GIT and taking lessons with Shawn Baxter (who was a fan of Frank at the time) he told us a couple of interesting little things about the Thunder from Down Under:

1) Before developiong sweep-picking Frank had a very good alt-picking technique. He got called out in class at GIT in the US after making some remarks to a student friend of his about how he felt it was limited at certain speeds, and how locked into a certain sound it he was asked to show exactly when it started to fall over and proceeded to rip out Al Dimeola style licks just to prove a point o.0

2) He wasn't super-familiar with some of the tunes at the Chick Corea auditions, so simply sight-read the whole chart as he went to make sure he had it correct o.0 + 1

On a personal note, I met him at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge during intermission at a gig there and while the rest of the band trooped off to their dressing rooms, he stayed to chat to people - thoroughly lovely chap

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