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Originally Posted by Zepp88 View Post of the best things about this site is that it is a virtual repository of knowledge, I see what you mean, but we shouldn't shun away new members because they forgot to ask the google.
Something worth considering here:

[AJAX] Helpful Answers - Post Rating System (plus many sub-features) - Forum

I haven't tried it, but the "helpful" post could easily be tailored into "commonly asked question with a good answer".

Also keep in mind that while they were never really used as much as I'd hoped they would, Tags are a great way to narrow down searches as well: - Tags

They're especially good for people noting that the default vB/MySQL search sucks, but take this example, where I search for a three-letter tag, KxK: - Threads Tagged with kxk

Voila, ....loads of threads tagged with KxK. If people tag appropriately, and the members take a second or two to tag good threads with RELEVANT tags, that's another great way to find what you're looking for, and in a lot of cases can be better than a regular search. For example, a search on Ibanez might yield 5 billion threads that contain "better than an Ibanez" or "Looks like an Ibanez headstock", but a thread properly tagged WILL be about Ibanez.

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