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Originally Posted by hairychris View Post
Hahahahahaha, oh dear, and I thought that I had no self control!
I know, but hey, what's life without a impulsiveness!

Originally Posted by Scar Symmetry View Post
dude, I hate you so much!
I think someone is starting a club

Originally Posted by DavyH View Post
There's a distinct shortage of swirls in there

The only one I've ever seen here is a pisspoor swirl and even then definitely not for sale.
Man, swirls really aren't for me, the only one i really like is ones with loads of black, and even then, it's a little too much for me

Originally Posted by budda View Post
I'm glad i just think UV's look cool and dont get along with FR's right about now .

She looks to be in decent shape, congrats!
FLoyds are the best!

The Chaos has come:
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