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Originally Posted by Zepp88 View Post
I'd like to vouch for Nick here, I bought a 2/90/2 from him from this batch. We had to wait to Fryette/VHT to ship the amps to him, which they were a little slow about. He was very communicative and let me know when the amp came in, the next morning it was out via FedEx on the way to my house (and damn am I eagerly awaiting it!)

Thanks for the endorsement Mike! I can't wait for you to get the 2/90/2 and see how you like it. It should arrive at your door on Friday

And yeah, there's been a little bit of a delay on some of the new stuff - all of it related to the VHT/SFD changeover. The reason the Sig:X and cabinets I ordered have not arrived yet is because of holdups with the new face plates and whatnot. It's nothing that will continue, just one-time kinks

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