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What course of action do I take now?

About a week ago, I posted a thread about me being laid off from my job and the bull.... involved and so on. Since being notified of the lay-off, I've been job searching, and checking some possible resources.

My father in laws boss has offered to pay me cash to work in the warehouse of his business. This is good because then I can still collect my measely $346 unemployment pay, and add my weekly paid cash to it. ($10 an hour, 40hours a week + unemployment pay = $746 a week....not bad since I was making $691 / wk before taxes) PLUS i would be working for an FFL dealer. GUNS. LOTS OF THEM. I've already worked there the past two saturdays and theres enough guns and ammo there to hold off ensuing hordes of the undead......The owner of the company likes to treat his employees to "fun with firearms" days at his farm, and I like me some guns......and being an employee, I could probably get the AR15 I want half price.......woot.

I had already filled out an application at Interstate Battery as a Route Manager, another job notified to me by another in-law who works there. This would be payroll + commission. Don't know exactly what it pays, but given the nature of my in law that works there, if a job isnt good money, he walks away from it.

Tonite at the meeting for the laid off employees, we were also notified that if we chose to go back to school, the state would pay for our schooling up to a 2 year degree, plus still pay us our unemployment check. We also would not have to search for a job as long as we hold student status. This obviously is overturned if we quit school or achieve a 2 year degree in something.

Weighing the pros and cons, my first option is good money, and a job until/if I get called back (i have 18 months worth of callback rights)

The second choice sounds like a good change of pace, I won't get all dirty at work, I'll be my own boss for most of the day, I'll have to get a CDL to drive the trucks, but that wont be hard.

The third choice, should I take it, has the possibility of me finding a way better job in the long run, but seems to me the most uncertain route right now, seeing that I've already dropped out of college before, due to lack of interest.

All current and possible options have me being home in the evenings and on weekends (aside from the route manager job, I would have to work one overnight a week out of town, 4 hour saturday shifts optional, home by 5pm everynight) , and that is a plus because I hate working 2nd shift (2pm-10pm) and with my wife working 8am - 5pm, I hardly get to see her during the week, and that puts a strain on things.

I've got more options to check into soon, but these are the three that I'm now staring dead in the face. I'm just looking for a little guidance and encouragement from my brothers here. I really don't know which route to take. All include chances for good, and chances for failure. Arg, man. Arg.
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