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UPS Shipping Horror Story

I talked to a seller on Ebay about shipping his guitar, and UPS came up.
The story he gave me of his experience with UPS is nothing short of truly horrifying for people who like to buy/sell/trade music gear online and I felt compelled to share it. Don't know whether this has been posted before but if you havn't seen this, let this be a warning, and feel free to copy/paste this post on other forums.


You're looking at a $1350 custom built bass drum after UPS had its way with it, apparently a forklift was ran through the package at a UPS facility, but I assure you this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is UPS's incompetence.

A full set of drums was shipped and fully insured at $2500. UPS had split the drumset into 5 boxes, and decided each will be valued at $500 with total disregard of what's actually in the box.

The shipper could only ever get $500 back, but even that's proved to be difficult, because apparently he's not the shipper.

You see, when you take something to a UPS store to ship it, you're not really the shipper, and you're not really working with UPS.

UPS stores are a franchise who work with UPS the shipping company, anyone who goes to a UPS store to ship their goods with on a 3rd party basis with UPS the shipping company, and thus UPS basically won't deal with you when something goes wrong.

In this case it took 3 months of constantly calling and complaining to get $500 for a bass drum that's worth $1350 and was fully insured.

I've never had first hand account of UPS's service quality, or lack thereof, and I can't attest to the accuracy of this story, but if it's all true, then I'd sooner ship my gear via Canada Post's moose brigade than touch UPS with a 10 foot pole.
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