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Originally Posted by thebhef View Post
No need to pout. is full of cool, friendly people with good information. Trying to distance yourself from all of them saying that they're "emo l33t speaking kids of today" just makes you look like an asshole. You don't wanna be a part of SS, fine. You could exit with a little grace. Everyone gets the occasional neg rep. Get over it.
This is my point, summed up, my post was aimed specifically at the replys i had gotten, however, i am obviously an asshole, but i'll get over it.

Congratulations at taking my post completely out of context, If you HAD of read past the initial statement of l33tness, you'd have seen i said i would lurk and help those decent guys (and girls ofc) and ignore the dicks.



Originally Posted by DDDorian View Post
You have less than ten posts here, one run-in that in the grand scheme of things isn't even that bad (seriously, have you seen the rest of the internet? that was tame, and not particularly "1337" either) and you want to leave? Well, it's your choice, but whatever.

I will say this, though - the member you tried to help has a whole bunch of negative rep, so if you want to see someone's entire worth as a human being condensed into a bunch of coloured bricks, just click on their name, click "View public profile" and scroll down. Now you need not dispense your advice to mere plebians ever again!
Indeed, I agree, again in my post i said about helping the good, and ignoring the bad (however being new i was unaware of the rep thing)

And yea, it's nothing compare to 4chan and the likes, however, i didn't expect the "attitude" to convey into a smaller select community, i guess all forums has knobends, and i'll rise above them, like i said, i'll hang about a bit



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