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Originally Posted by 7 Dying Trees View Post
Personally I've had a good giggle at a few people who claimed to be straight edge over the years, and as a concept I do find it quite silly. One of them explained to me he was straight edge. He worked in McDonalds. Hmmmm.....

If you don't drink, don't smoke, don't take chemicals, are vegan and don't .... around, then that just makes you a person who has decided for one reason or another not to do things. Just like other people have decided to drink, to smoke, to play guitar, spend a lot of money on a holiday, you name it.

It's all choices, and everyone makes them.

However, having to label yourself in order to prove something is a bit lame in those aspects, sorry. I mean, seriously, I've done not drinking, no eating meat, a few other things here and there, and all through it people have asked me why, and the simple answer has been that i was doing it because i wanted to.

Now, that doesn't mean I have to label myself.

Just because I don't label myself as straight edge, it doesn't mean that I go off buy a hit of crack, bottle of wine and then go and fornicate the homeless for fun.

Also, if I am not drinking, i don't advertise the fact by wearing sone symbol on me, making myself look like I am in some way superior morally or on other grounds than someone else.

For the record, i smoke,drink,consume cute fluffy animals,fornicate and abuse chemicals from time to time. Hell, i really don't care too much, none of it is a barrier to me doing .... I want to do, but I'll do it when i want to do it, and if i don't want to, i won't. Simple. Just like I don't want to play a clarinet, I don't claim I am some form of musical straight edge because I have seen to many of my friends travel down the rocky road to classical music...

I call myself bent-edge.
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