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Good news, everyone!
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At one point, this was a 2000 RG7420.

The following mods have been done to it.

- Neck has been sanded down and tung-oiled.
- Original trem studs drilled out, Lo-Pro locking studs installed.
- Trem route altered.
- Cosmo Lo-Pro installed, high-tension springs.
- Neck pickup removed, spot filled with a large brass block.
- Bridge pickup replaced with a Duncan Blackout Neck.
- Gray mirror pickguard installed, only cut for a volume knob, in the tone position.
- Tone control is a trimmer pot in the electronics cavity, I'd have to open the back to adjust it (if I wanted to).

It can't be called a 7420 anymore, it's more of a 7620 now, 'cause of the trem.

My 7620 is stock. sorry

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