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Unhappy One of my great uncles died yesterday apparently.

Found out today that my Grandma's brother Ivica died last night. Sucks ass, cos now i have to call them which is hard enough in itself, and it means that it has begun, with the loss of family members

So now for the hard (and really awkward ) part. My mum is a Dominatrix. I don't speak to her, cos her and my dad are ....wits, and were parents, and somehow i was expected to just 'be ok' with her decision in this. My grandma doesn't know, nor do any of my family bar one of her 4 sisters. Its making me really awkward and hesitant to call my grandparents, because i dont speak to her, and they dont know, they cannot understand what she does and it would kill them to find out (i almost think literally...). What the .... am i supposed to do?? She doesn't seem to understand the awful sitation she's put me in, and i feel so bad for not calling etc. in so long, i just know how much it hurts them to know that im not speaking to their daughter

Poo. This blows.
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