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Originally Posted by Metal Ken View Post
The only thing tele about this guitar is the shape. Why would you take the ugliest guitar fender makes, and take away all the tonal aspects of what makes it what it is? Once you put a different bridge, active pickups, make it set neck, and change the woods, its essentially a super strat shaped like a tele.
And some people like and want just that.

I think you're overlooking the Jaguar, Jazzmaster or Mustang if you think the Tele shape is the ugliest thing Fender offers. Those three all remind me of an ashtray my parents had in the 70s.

A Strat without three single coils, a crappy fulcrum trem, and that isn't made of alder or swamp ash isn't exactly what made the Stratocaster what it originally was, either. Yet we've taken to calling guitars shaped roughly like a Stratocaster yet lacking those original Stratocaster characteristics "super strats."
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