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NGD (56k= Probably not)

So this arrived today wonder what it could be

Pointless knife Pic

Holy .... that's a lot of peanuts

Another Knife pic

That Bubble wrap should entertain me later

Gator case

looks Way better in person

I wonder how many people I can fool

Those Cavity covers are bad assed

Wood is darker in person, about the same color as those worn brown gibsons


Ebony board and a close up of the quilted top


Angled headstock (I know I have messy ass room)

It feels great and plays great. It definatly plays better than those Faded Gibson Les paul studio's (The faded les paul i played was ...., pickups sucked and the volume and tone knobs were ....ed up , but those faded sg's are a different story awesome neck and comfy to play). The only thing that I didnt notice on the ebay pics was that it had no strap buttons. but i dont play live so its that that big of a deal yet.
frets are nice and low (almost no buzz). Awesome gutiar for $450. This thing is definately better than the ec-1000 or ec-500 but this came with the best of both (emg's quilted top,no abalone,ebony board) and it didn't even cost me as much as those ltd's go for used on ebay. so what do you guys think?
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