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Lundgren M7 SET (Neck and Bridge!)

Brief & Accurate Description of gear: I have a full set of Lundgren M7 pickups, bridge and neck and they are four conductor so you can split them as well. These are currently selling for $410 shipped a set new so save $100 for a used set in great shape!
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Price: $300 including shipping!

I will snap some pics tonight after work, they are in great shape with a little white on the bobbins (they are the older phenolic bobbins with the cool texture) from normal pick wear. No effect on the tone of structure of the pickups, just keeping things on the up and up! They no longer offer these with the cool hand-made bobbins, they have switched to the normal black plastic bobbins so these are actually becoming rare! Lundgren history? You bet! Just trying to raise some money for a new guitar project I want to get off the ground! Thanks!

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