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Originally Posted by 7StringedBeast View Post
5) F***** gay kids who like to "hardcore dance"


This is the .... I can't stand. 300 lb. dudes picking on people smaller than them at shows, simply because they are "hardcore dancing". Especially if they are in the middle of the pit, not bothering anyone. It's all moshing, just in different forms (because they came from different types of music).

People should be watching out for each other at shows. They shouldn't be fighting over superficial differences in music taste, how they look, mosh etc. It's pathetic.

edit: As far as the music goes, there are bands I like, and bands I don't. This goes for every genre.

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And there's always bum fights out there. Especially involving "wheels", the guy with no legs who holds the sign "give me money or I'll kick you in the face" or the ever popular "will dance for money". - Ibz rg
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