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Originally Posted by MFB View Post
Actually, going back and listening to it wide awake versus half asleep the vocals work fine. I mean the one or two "breeeeeeeees" that snuck in there I'd say would be the only problems (I'm really anti-grindcore)

I think if you were gonna change vocal styles but stay close to that, it'd be like BTBAM style singing, which is never a bad thing
I don't really dig Roger's voice personally, I find it a bit one dimensional, but I can hear what you mean. But I prefer our singer.

Originally Posted by Rachmaninoff View Post
Is the moustache of this guy real?

If so, he kicks ass!

That's one of the most curious band names I've ever seen also.
The band name I'm not really sold on, but people are remembering it.

As for the 'stache, you'd have to ask Dotty.

Originally Posted by hypermagic View Post
Your logo needs more deathcore font.

Pretty sick otherwise /m/
We're working on graphics and stuff but none of us are particularly artistic, so we're getting little bits and pieces done here and there. The myspace header is a testament to the power of MSPaint.

Originally Posted by vampiregenocide View Post
Thats pretty hardcore.

Epic band name.

1.40 - Crazy Riffage
Cheers man! Tapping licks sound impressive I guess.
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