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Originally Posted by Metal Ken
I think they're saying his addiction was so strong he couldnt control it, thus its not entirely his fault.. or something.
Well, I gathered that. But still, you can control any habit you possess. It just takes some willpower. I just don't think it's cool to exploit a dead celebrity & then say that his addiction wasn't entirely his fault. Drugs suck, period. He made his choice. Stupid is stupid any way you slice it.

Case in point, I know that I'm stupid for being a smoker. I willingly put poisons in my lungs that will most likely give me trouble down the road. At least I admit my faults. Whatever comes of my habit will be entirely my fault & no one elses. People just need to take more responsibility for their actions. And better yet, people need to quit making excuses for others. Call it as it is.
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