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Just for the HELL of it

This Pastor guy that I knew a few years back told me that Hell and haven are what you think it is. then he went to to explain that. something like:

If you believe that hell is a bunch f women raping you for eternity then that is what hell if be for you. and Also, if you think that haven is just a bunch of a place of Fire and brimstone then it will be.

And Yes I know that most people will think that those t should be switched but that was pretty much what the guy said. I can't remember his exact words though but it was something to that extent.

Anyways, I have said this before. and some other people have said this. No one will agree with any one else about this crap. just leave it at that. IF you believe that you goto Heaven when you die, then good for you and more power to you. But maybe South park is right and ONLY Mormons get into heaven. all joking aside, this is just one long ass thread where everyone gets pissed at someone else.

Like Naren basically telling me to .... off, In a nicer way because I was "posting Non-Sense" in here. I didn't do anything to the guy. nor do I think he is an ass hole now. but it is the fact that when something like this topic comes up it changes everyone into insult throwing morons tat think they are ALL right. when In fact No one is Right OR Wrong.

So, please just realize that this is a point less thread. And if you guys REALLY want to talk about this topic. go find a Church forum to do it in. Because this is NOT the place to be doing this. It is a Music and Guitar forum. "Not a What I believe is right, go .... yourself forum"

So really, the Bible does teach to Love thy Neighbor and one another. Does it not? Yes I know I don't believe in it. but still most of you guys seem to and you don't follow that. So why even continue this topic??
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