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Originally Posted by Psyclapse View Post
Ok, I was going to keep quiet and stick to polite debate but you had to jump back on your high horse and come back with that little gem. Where did all this bull.... come up about feeling threatened? NO ONE HERE CARES ABOUT GOD AND RELIGION. You know what FB, I'll prove it right here.

God, if you're paying attention, strike me down with a heart attack right now!!!
Guess what, I'm still here. Now if that doesn't debunk your little "You're all threatened by God, blah blah blah" argument, I don't know what will! news flash dude, you're not right about any of this! But the funny thing is, neither am I, or neither is Naren or ZeroSignal, or Demoniac. .

Don't worry, there's still some daylight left. Bwahhaahaa
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