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Ibanez RG1527 Galaxy Black - UK -

hey all, its my rg 1527 up for UK TRADE ONLY, ill give some spec onit first of all and then ill talk about what i'd be looking for in exchange

Lets start with the spec and condition:

Body: Basswood RG- 8/10
The condition of the body is overall really good, ive put this as an 8 as it has 2 minor chips, one on the arm contour and one on the bottom horn
Neck: Wizzard 7 Prestige -10/10
The Condition of the Neck is Exellent, not a blemish in sight
Bridge: Edge Pro 7 - 10/10
The Condition of the Bridge is superb, ive had it blocked off therefore; no wear on the knife edge as the guy i bought the guitar off didnt use the trem either
Finish: Black - 7/10
The Finish on the body has quite alot of chips, as the paint is very thin and flakes off quite easily, most are on the back of the body though and are not visible at all from the front.
Overall Condition: 8/10
ive put this as an 8 becuase of the paint chips and the 2 dings in the body, it plays perfectly and the action is nice and low, the problems are aesthetic.

Heres some pictures which were taken the day i got the guitar, i can provide more of the damages and whatnot if required :

this guitar is all stock exept that i rewired it with cts pots and a new 5 way.


as for trades my primary want/need is a nice tube head, the ones ill consider are:

Peavey 6505
Engl Fireball / Powerball (or any other high gain engl)
Marshall Jcm2000 or a JVM

but offer up any other amps you might have and ill look into it.
i will add cash to redeem the difference in price if needed

My secondary want and need is a nice 6 string things im looking out for are:
Ibanez PGM301
Ibanez MTM2
Ibanez RG2550
Ibanez RG550 (yellow or red/pink)
or any other prestige or japanese ibanez
Will also consider some ESP's / Gibson ( i doubt but oh well)

3 iTraders and Ebay is 'admbwr'

Anymore info ? just ask
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