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I don't like to talk/read about Halo because all the bashing bore me to death honestly but here's what I think about them anyway :
All Halo guitars I've seen online looked unrefined and unfinished in the design department. It seems they rush pointy designs to production with no regards to aesthetics and visual balance, ergonomic, usability, etc...
Most of them look uncomfortable and have that thick polyurethane coating that make them look like plastic toys. They'd look so much better with thiner coatings and a few satin/natural finish.
I don't bash the guitars, when they don't have issue I'm sure they are pretty good.
What they really need is a good designer (You CAN'T improvise yourself as the new HR Giger) who would give some harmony and sexiness to the designs, a bit like what ESP did with the F shape (and gives them some REAL headstocks, not those horrors I've seen).
Else I think they'll be stuck selling guitars to the cheesy part of the extreme metal scene.
That's my opinion, I don't make and/or design guitars so I'm no one to criticize but I really think they should take the time to refine their shapes and quality control.

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