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I still don't understand what for so many dudes put em' down. Really. I like their music, i don't give a' cup of whale's sperm of their genre, I like the groove they have in their music. It doesn't matter how much the music have to be real, as long as it sounds heavy, dark and groovy. I don't dig any' Helloween or any of the old school power/speed metal from the ol' days. Of course there are some bands from those days, but I don't shout it out loud that they are the most pathetic dudes in the music business. You guys don't have to comment anything to this thread if all you have to say is that these guys make bad music

Now, to the guitars. Those are Ltd FM-408? They must have gotten them from their deal with Esp, i wonder if they are going to use em' on the next album

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