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Originally Posted by Emperoff
A pickup with tons of bass and low mids designed for mahogany? I don't think so...

And so, what one would you choose between the Evolution and the JB? Assume that I play metal (rhythm and leads).
+1. I bought a 2027 with a TZ7 in the bridge, and while it gave a great clean tone and a great Godsmack-like rhythm tone through a Mark-style Mesa combo I was playing at the time, the leads were useless and there was little low-string clarity and edge.

Of the two, I'd call it an even split. The Evo7 was what I swapped out the TZ for, and I LOVED it in the bridge position. It gave a great "screaming" lead sound that, if you rolled the volume back a bit, actually gave a surprisingly good "southern rock" sort of tone. Plenty of brightness and clarity, great impact on the low strings, and a good amount of output.

That said, the JB has a lot of fans too, and is supposed to be heavenly in mahogany. Tonally, I think the bass in the JB is supposed to be a little rounder and woolier, but they're supposed to be reasonably similar.

Either way, though, you're talking about a pickup with clear treble, scooped lower mids, and strong upper mids - they'll both compliment mahogany wonderfully.

All that said, it depends what you want from it. Both pickups are probably slightly better suited to lead playing in mahogany, with a lot of upper mid sizzle to them - they're very harmonically "alive" in that sense. If this guitar will be used predominantly as a rhythm axe, you might want to look elsewhere - I'd suggest a Blaze bridge, or possibly a Blaze neck (supposed to be a killer bridge pickup for rhythm work - Zimbloth's got one on the way for a S7420FM as well, so you can get his thoughts in a week or so), or maybe a PAF - something with lower gain so you can run the preamp a bit harder without losing clarity.

For a neck pickup, it really depends what you do in the bridge. If you go with a JB or Evo7, then gain isn't a problem. The AN has a lot of fans and mates well to the Evo7, and the Jazz would be a similarly ideal pairing for the JB. If you go lower gain, then output becomes a problem, as you don't want something much hotter in the neck than the bridge. A Blaze neck or a PAF could be nice...

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