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Originally Posted by Scali View Post
Dinosaurs -> evolution theory.
So I suppose the remark meant that she's a creationist?
I guess, but you can be a creationist and still believe in evolution. A person with modern creationist views could at the world and evolution as everything (in nature at least) seems so perfect and orderly that there had to be some method behind it. Like what are the chances that after the big bang or whatever created this universe that the right combination of elements were present on our planet to start life? Another example I can think of was in my Bio/Psyc class we're studying squid axons to learn about the nervous system and the large nerves in the squid's mantle forms these perfect geometric patterns with triangles that serve a purpose (all the muscles have to contract at the same time to propel the squid). The animal evolved that way of course, but what gave it the push to get there?

Originally Posted by Jachop View Post
Dinosaurs have to do with morality in the sense that if one embraces a faux, ....ed up morality (again, of course in my humble opinion) like creationism one is most likely not believing in them (which says a lot)
I don't see creationism as a ....ed up morality. The few creationists that I know all believe in evolution, god just had something to do with it/get it started.

Originally Posted by Drew View Post
Please invite me to that.

Meanwhile, this gives Obama hope:

Poll: Obama tops McCain as football-watching buddy - Yahoo! News

It's close, but we expect that.
Facebook group: I know more about Foreign Policy than Sarah Palin

For some reason polls like that bother me. I can't believe there are people out there that base who they vote for on if they'd rather watch football with that person
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