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Originally Posted by The Trooper View Post
...Obama missed his golden opportunity to take Hillary as a running mate. If Hillary was on the ticket, those two would have plowed through this election like a juggernaut and be up in the polls with probably 60% of the vote right now IMO. McCain never would have taken Palin as a running mate, and if he did...Hillary would have ripped her to shreds and the word "sexism" wouldn't even be relevant.
I don't agree at all. People seem to forget that Hilary comes with loads and loads of baggage. Sure, she has a lot of support, but the negatives on her are huge with a great many people in the country. She is a polarizing figure - which is at odds with the central theme of unity Obama ran on.

If you think the Republicans are being hard on Obama and Biden (and they are!!), I shudder to even think of the vicous crap the democratic ticket would be subject to with Hilary on it.

She doesn't own those 17+ million voters. Those were primary votes and not the same as general election votes. We are way better off without Hilary on the ticket. And when Obama wins, we will be way better off without her in government.

...this rig requires something with a little more kick... plutonium!
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