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Originally Posted by Stengah_2012 View Post
By the way, I really like the inlays in the older mockups you made. Is there any chance we'll get to see a few current mockups featuring the new headstock shape and refined body?
Um... I haven't changed the inlays, they're the same half-ellipse shape. As for previews of the new guitars... in due time. I'm still putting finishing touches on things. Additionally, my main computer is dead in the water right now, in need of a new motherboard. So not having access to all my full spectrum of software (I'm using my wonderful lady's laptop, which only has Pshop on it) and the fact that I'm outta work and focusing primarily on the job hunt is hasting the process a bit. Be patient, young Jedi.

Keeping in mind I have NO experience doing this I'd say, the more options you can give the customer, without unduly jacking up your costs, the better off you'll be. Each customer will get a potentially unique instrument while still keeping it manageable for you.
this could definitely take a Carvin route and be an option picking custom dealy, that would be sick a tad hard to pull off but sick
I realize that this sort of approach would make a lot of people happy, but honestly I don't think is necessarily the right way to go. Main reason being, is that sort arrangement leaves a lot of room for error and I've witnessed it with both Carvin and ESP, and having worked in process management for custom parts myself (in an inundated workplace nonetheless), I can tell you that error rate and the cost of that, in terms of both dollars and reputation lost, is very hard to maintain, especially in an expanding company. Secondarily, you also run the risk of your product line being misrepresented by the customer's whim... something I'd like to avoid out the gate. That said, I'm hardly eliminating the idea of a custom shop in the future.

Oh and one more thing.. Avoid black finishes
Heh... I don't believe I'll be doing that. I know the idea of black guitars has worn on a lot of people, but there's a lot of people (myself, included) who like our black guitars. What I am planning however, is to 1. Make black more interesting than just 'black', having each line have a black with some sort of unique character, like the 'nebulous black' finish on the last ∞7 mockup... and 2. offer a wide range of other colors as well. In fact, the standard series will have unique motifs (top woods, hardware finishes, inlay choices) to cover all the primary colors in the spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) as well as silver, natural, white and black.

Erm....I can't think of any more specs to give you. TBH, it was damn near perfect imo in the design you had in the original thread. The only realistic changes I'd make are Passive Pup's, Hipshot Bridge, and maybe coil tap and piezo's. Oh, and LED side dots
Thanks! FYI, all the guitars will have passive pups as a standard, actives will possibly be optional, and where possible the likely H-/-H configuration will have pull-pot coil splitting for each, in combo with a three-way selector for maximum flexibility.

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